Protestors in Vietnam will be on the streets on Sunday May 15th, 2016 and on following Sundays.
Greetings everyone,
Protestors in Vietnam will be on the streets on Sunday May 15th, 2016 and on following Sundays.
We demand governmental transparency and for the Vietnamese authorities to officially answer these questions:
- Why have fish and sea creatures died in a mass on central coast regions in Vietnam?
- What are the poisonous substances found in the central coast sea water?
- Who is the offender causing this sea pollution?
- What will the government do to help the sea environment recover, and to support the affected people of this environmental catastrophe?
- How will the offender compensate Vietnam for their act environmental damage?
Even though we were brutally beaten and attacked on the Sunday May 8th rally by the government security force, we will maintain a peaceful protest again. We request the Vietnamese government close down companies operating on Vietnamese land if they do not comply with environmental obligations. Any environmental harm caused by their activities must be addressed immediately.
The following banners at the rally express our anxiety for the environment:
We Want Transparency
We have the right to know
Environmental Protection and Governmental Transparency
We Demand Transparent Information
Clean Water, Transparent Information
Clean Water, Clean Government
Clean water for the Fish, Transparency for the Nation
We choose fish, not steel plants
Hit my face it you like, but give back my sea and my rights.
If you are in Vietnam on those days, please support and help us by joining the rally, or expressing your support by taking photos, posting your photos onto social media, and sharing them with your friends and family.
If you are not in Vietnam, thank you for taking the time to read this letter, we are hoping to raise awareness about the worst ever maritime environmental catastrophe in Vietnam: The Vung Ang Ha Tinh sea catastrophe. 
If you would like to find out more, go to:
Vietnam’s mass fish kill isn’t simply an environmental disaster:
Vietnamese Look at Steel Company as Officials Search for Fish Kill Cause:
Vietnam investigates mass fish deaths:
Taiwanese chemical spill thought to cause mass fish die-off in Vietnam:
Thank you all,

For Human Rights

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