Attorney Vo An Don was awarded the Human Rights Prize by the Vietnam Human Rights Network in 2016 for human rights protection activities, despite risks and threats.
Phu Yen provincial bar association voted to disbar their member - Vo an Don, a lawyer, on Sunday afternoon November 26, 2017. 
The young lawyer represented clients whose relatives died in police custody and families that escaped by boat and were repatriated by Australia.
Allegations of possible serious crimes announced by an unnamed board member regarding Vo an Don:
"Abusing freedom of speech with numerous articles and responses in interviews by foreign journalists allegedly defaming other lawyers, justice systems, the communist party and the State of Vietnam for provocation, propaganda, distortion... making false denouncements against the prestige of the communist party, the state and Vietnamese lawyers. "
Attorney Vo an Don – his client Nguyen ngoc Nhu Quynh aka Me nam (Mother mushroom).
Speaking to Tuoi Tre newspaper in Sunday evening, Vo An Don said that he got the news from the board of Phu Yen Bar Association that he was disbarred, not allowed to practice law, but no official documents were sent to him yet. If the decisions are not reasonable, Don said that he would appeal. From the date this document is signed and sealed, however he will no longer be able to attend any court sessions. Don therefore, certainly can not represent Mother mushroom in the upcoming appeal trial on November 30, 2017 at the Appeal court of Khanh Hoa province just three days away.
Apparently the communist party created more obstacles and difficulty for the defense team to make way to uphold the verdict from the lower court.
The second bird has been shot by the same arrow is Vo an Don, a spike to the side of the communist party that pulls the strings of the puppet courts and magistrates.
Vo An Don was born in 1977, he lives in Phu Yen and is well-known nationwide as a low-income attorney but committed to defend justice and the truth. He has provided free legal counsel for many disadvantaged families, petitioners, victims of police brutalities ... Especially, dissidents in Vietnam.
Don was nearly expelled by Phu Yen Bar Association in 2014, perhaps under police orders and pressures to retaliate against himself that successfully sent five police officers from lieutenant to the senior lieutenant colonel to jail. The dirty cops tortured and killed Mr... Ngo Thanh Kieu, Phu Yen provincial court sentenced them from nine-month terms to eight years in prison.
Attorney Vo An Don was awarded the Human Rights Prize by the Vietnam Human Rights Network in 2016 for human rights protection activities, despite risks and threats.
Nguyen van Hóa
In addition, Mr. Nguyen van Hóa, has been sentenced today November 27, 2017 in Ha tinh province to 7 years in prison and 3 years of custody by a private and completely secret trial, Mr.. Hoa had no defense lawyer or any legal representative in the whole court session.
The charges were: propaganda, activities against the government, and defamed the communist party. Hoa, set up his Facebook with images, videos of demonstrations against Formosa factory which polluted seashore in Vietnam with toxic chemical waste flushing to the ocean, the incident happened in 2016 the worst Vietnam marine life disaster for provinces of Ha tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Thua Thien.
The government covered up the disaster as long as they could and eventually Formosa factory admitted the mistake, any critics are still the subject of apprehension for attempted acts to overthrow the government.
In conclusion, under the communist regime in Vietnam, a regime of dictators and state of police, the judiciary systems and lawyers are part of the display and the court of law is no more than a show room for the regime itself. 
VNCH-Ngoc Truong